Rik & Jeannie
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Rik, Jeannie, Eela & Rainier Dryfoos
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If you are a member of the Dryfoos family and would like a
email address, you may request one from rik@dryfoos.com.

Jesse married Beatrice and begat Herbert and David. David married Jeanne and begat Walter, Beatrice, and Michael. Walter married Barbara and begat David. Beatrice married Thomas, becoming a Deering, and begat Anna and Laura. Michael married Ilga and begat no one. Then, back to the top of the list... Herbert and Felice begat Robert who married Carol and begat Rik and Janet. Janet married Tim becoming a Hixson and begat Kaitlyn. Rik married Jeannie who became a Dryfoos, and begat Eela and Rainier.